​Hospitality Whitepapers

From insight to influence – White Papers that connect, convince, convert and create conversation.

Looking for White Paper specialists? Let us help you drive results in 4 key areas:

Lead Generation

Get connected to your target audience, initiate conversations and unlock new opportunities.

Thought Leadership

Leverage original research to produce content that cuts through and positions you as thought leader.

Network Expansion

Build your LinkedIn network with 1000s of new connections, expanding your reach and industry presence.

Press Coverage

Get your name in the headlines with strategic press coverage that amplifies your brand’s visibility and credibility in your industry.

Past Whitepapers

Missing Title?

Step 1

Drafting the questionnaire

Whether you have a clear vision or just a spark of an idea, we’re here to help you find a theme and turn it into questions that elicit meaningful insights.
Step 2

Putting together the survey

With your input to guide, we craft a survey that’s easy to navigate and hard to ignore.
Step 3

Getting the survey filled in

We’ll orchestrate a direct outreach campaign that zeroes in on your target audience, sparking interest and driving 100s of entries.
Step 4

Creating the report

We take the data, find the story, and deliver a report that turns insights into compelling messages that connect, convince and convert.
Step 5

Targeted White Paper distribution

After finalising your White Paper, we kick off a targeted distribution campaign to elevate your profile, expand your network, and secure media spotlight.