Our enterprise programme consists of two different types of event which we put on for our clients and contacts within the industries we work; Hacks and Networthing. Hacks refers to curated training sessions in which we aim to teach clients quick win techniques for achieving tangible results that actually make a difference. Formed from our frustration of going to training sessions jam packed with jargon and useless acronyms, Hacks aims to cut through the noise and get straight to the heart of the issue. Designed as networking made worthwhile, Networthing is our dedicated thought leadership programme which draws a selection of the industry’s most influential minds together for a private discussion about an issue facing the sector. Whether we focus on global plastic waste or women in business, the Networthing sessions ask the tough questions and draw insights from people with the power to make a real change. After each event, a report is pulled together to outline the findings and create a strong call to action for the industry to rally behind.


Triggerfish Hacks: LinkedIn

Our Triggerfish Hacks: LinkedIn training session drew together a selection of clients for a quick-fire session outlining the best ways to make the most of business networking platform LinkedIn.


The session aimed to demystify one of the most under-appreciated social media platforms available to businesses by offering quick tips that require little input, but which draw powerful results. Guests were introduced to the basics of the platform as well as a few top tips for hacking the algorithm and playing LinkedIn at its own game.


The session received hugely positive feedback with a number of clients requesting more in depth personal training sessions for them and their teams. After the event, a presentation was distributed (via LinkedIn) which précised the session and provided clients with an easy to digest training tool which they could use for future training.

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