With the autumn season arriving with a packed event calendar, the Science Museum’s approved caterers present their five top tips for creating the perfect event, from designing a fitting menu to setting an unforgettable table scape:

Creating the perfect menu
While aspects such as seasonality, food trends and the dynamic of guests is crucial for menu creation, it is also vital to take into account the venue for each event. While some venues might require more classic menus, those with strong themes and a modern edge allow for a more punchy selection.
- Moving Venue

Catering for non-drinkers
Pay special attention to non-drinkers, especially in this day and age with people being more health conscious and discerning. Offer some alternatives that are appealing and creative – this will make their experience unforgettable!
- Langoustine

Setting the table scape
Key to an effective table scape is knowledge of the venue and the profile of the event itself. Tables seating eight might prove too intimate for a networking event whilst a performance or speech will need to be seen by all the guests and may therefore dictate the layout of the tables.
- By Word of Mouth

Creating an unforgettable atmosphere
Keep your guests happy with really good service and plenty to eat and drink. Make sure you have enough waiting staff so that people are not constantly searching for them, and don’t economise on canapés – guests feel short-changed and you will regret it.
- Jackson Gilmour

Deciding on styling
Opt for adventurous menus and styling for impactful events that reflect the innovative and inspirational nature of the venue. Bubble’s molecular menu ranges, coupled with an imaginative approach to presentation have proved very popular.
- Bubble Food

Welcoming over 3 million visitors every year, South Kensington based venue the Science Museum is one of London’s most popular destinations, and is also widely known and booked for conferences, product launches, and corporate events. The venue offers 10 contrasting conference and event spaces, from the traditional book-lined Director’s Suite and the contemporary wired Dana Centre, to the 400-seat IMAX® cinema and the 700 square-metre blank-canvas space Level 1.
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