Aqua Sana has unveiled a brand-new Forest Spa concept at Center Parcs Sherwood Forest, which is now available for delegates to access as part of event packages.

Having undergone the biggest refurbishment in the spa’s history, it has been completely transformed into a forest escape making it the perfect setting for delegates to relax and switch off from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Aqua Sana, created by Center Parcs, has taken inspiration from the beautiful Sherwood Forest setting of the spa, alongside influence from some of the most spectacular forests from around the world, as well as Shinrin-Yoki (forest bathing) – the Japanese wellness trend.

The spa offers delegates 25 experiences in total, which lie within six zones inside the spa and outdoors. These include a heated outdoor pool, foot spas, hot tubs, a variety of steam rooms, saunas, an ice cave and a selection of relaxation rooms.

Inspiration from outdoor areas and walkways allow delegates to reap the benefits of being amongst the trees, while a Treetop Sauna, at nearly 10m high, offers stunning views from its vantage point in the forest canopy.

For corporate clients, a spa experience like this has a multitude of benefits for their teams. Taking time to switch off from technology and everyday tasks is believed to be an effective way of unlocking new ways of thinking and fresh perspective. Being immersed in a relaxing, refreshing environment away from screens and to do lists, can open up creativity, imagination and new insight meaning a better overall ‘brain balance’. It has also been found that time in calming environments can reduce stress, improve memory and mood, result in better sleep quality and less physical illness making Aqua Sana the perfect place for delegates to switch off whilst tuning into a new way of thinking.

Ellie Jones, National Account Manager at Center Parcs, says: “The new Forest Spa at Sherwood Forest is a fantastic new addition that can be incorporated into event packages to give delegates a truly relaxing and energising experience with benefits that will continue back in the workplace. Often companies will come to Center Parcs because of our tranquil outdoor environment, which allows delegates to switch off from the demands of everyday life and helps reduce stress levels.

“As part of our Rejuven8 package, delegates can enjoy the new forest spa during a three hour session, while a full spa day or twilight taster session can be included as part of the agenda for those that are staying on village as part of a residential conference or event.”