Branding agency Bert is launching its first digital magazine, ROAM in Madrid this month.

The first in a series of digital guides, ROAM explores cities through the eyes of creative who live and work there.

Bert’s UK & Spanish teams researched and curated the content for the Madrid edition, which comprises interviews, exclusive footage and insights from master craftsmen, artists and designers. Readers of ROAM will gain an unprecedented insight into the work of the artisans honouring Madrid’s cultural past and shaping its future. The magazine also acts as a travel guide to the city, offering suggestions on the places and spaces that inspire the creatives featured in the publication.

Up and coming artisans featured include handcrafted leather goods pairing Oficio Studio, master wood-turner Siete Formas and expat Tom Graham who is keeping the art of hand painted signwriting alive in the capitals barrios.

Rare products sourced directly from these featured artisans will be made available to buy through the ROAM store. All proceeds will go directly to the makers with an optional 10% donation to Madrid based charities who offer an escape from destitution through creativity and vocational crafts.

Chris Garratt, founder of Bert, says: “When we first considered the idea of setting up a studio in Madrid we were surprised at the reaction of industry peers and friends as the overriding perception is that Madrid is a city where politics and finance flourish, but is not so well known for its creative arts. We then set out to curate a series of interviews that would dispel this myth.”

“The project has spiraled since then into a distinctive digital magazine which shows Madrid through the eyes of some of its most creative and captivating residents. Readers will access enthralling interviews, film and photography as well as discover new places and off the beaten track hangouts in the city, as recommended by the creatives themselves.”

ROAM launches on Sunday 29th May. Video content and features will be released every Sunday morning at 9.00am GMT over a 12-week season.