Last week I attended a Social Summer CIPR seminar with Julio Romo (Independent Communications Consultant, Digital Strategist and Trainer @twofourseven).

It was great to be in a room with such social media savvy people and Julio was very enlightening, it’s hard not to be engaged when someone who is so passionate about what they do is talking to you!

Julio’s seminar, discussed social media and journalism, especially interesting points were about digital PR in general. I thought I’d write a quick blog summarising some overall points which I personally think hold great resonance in the field of digital PR.

Firstly, the movement from traditional to digital PR has undoubtedly meant our media landscape has changed. There are now so many more opportunities for companies to activate brand reputation tools using online platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. These tools are an exciting and important way to listen to and engage with your target audience, whether it be journalists, clients or industry influencers.

As with any social media platform the primary focus needs to be to engage fans and an important point brought up was the importance of setting the right tone and I can’t agree more. Customising content to suit your audience is the only way to communicate and build trust with your followers.

And finally a point Julio brought up which I very much agree with is social media strategies should always be integrated within a client’s existing communications plan (not separate). As PR professionals our job is to build and maintain reputations and there is no reason why a social media strategy should be any different. Social media is a great tool to help PR’s manage the flow of information between their client and the public. Social media platforms, blogs and user generated content are creating an extra layer of information which can be both challenging and productive within the field of PR. With PR moving online, following sentiment and real-time reputation management have become both a lot easier to facilitate and harder to track which is undoubtedly a challenge but one worth exploring!