I’m absolutely delighted to have been invited to become a mentor for Fast Forward 15 scheme.

In my day we learnt tactics from Sir Clive Sinclair, Gold of the Desert Kings was a management training tool (not a familiarisation trip!) and we were taught that we had to dress to impress in order to get business done. We were schooled on the premise that people buy people.

The niceties of the nineties have moved on at an astounding pace; nowadays we are encouraged into developing our online persona, to maintain a voice of leadership in an increasingly noisy market place. The principle that people buy people still rings true, it’s the playing field that has changed.

Today’s business, is about being in the right forums, meeting the right people and building the right networks (that through a few hits of the keyboard can span the globe).

If I had the chance to join a mentoring scheme such as Fast Forward 15, I would have jumped through hoops to be part of it. It is an invaluable opportunity to be coached by some of our industry’s leading lights and I would strongly recommend hospitality stars of the future to apply.

I’m looking forward to meeting and working with my mentee; helping them develop their career and build confidence by sharing some of my experiences and lessons I have learnt. But most importantly to encourage entrepreneurialism and individuality.

Demand for a place on Fast Forward 15 is fierce – apply yourself – and stand out from the crowd.