Last month we attended the Fairmont St Andrews Burns Night, (25 January) at London’s iconic Savoy Hotel. As celebrations go, Burns Night is one of the events that I always look forward to every year.

Burns supper is a very traditional and patriotic celebration, it’s jovial, fun and risqué in places – in many people’s eye the perfect balance for a great evening. In England, however much we may protest, we don’t quite celebrate our history with the same fervour.

One things for sure, it’s hard to ignore the cry of bagpipes! As a call-to-arms go they’re an acquired taste, but certainly an effective one. While guests tried to find their way to dinner we simply followed the beacon of noise, and low and behold found our dining room.

In true Scottish fare we were treated to neeps and tatties, haggis, and enjoyed a dram or two of Scotch whisky, with toasts to the haggis, and of course, to acknowledge the raucous address to the Lads and Lassies.

While I didn’t manage to find any Tartan for my evening attire we celebrated the bard, old Rabbie, Mr Robert Burns, in style. It was quite something to witness our native guests reciting some of his most famous works and standing as one to address the haggis.

We’ve been looking forward to booking our visit to Fairmont St Andrews for a while, now after Burns Night, and like my appetite for haggis, it’s grown considerably.

If the chance arises I’d strongly recommend experiencing a Burns Night supper. Not only is it a joyous celebration, it’s the perfect antidote to the January blues, and what a celebration to take with us as we head into the rest of the year. There’s a lot to live up to for our next dinner, so no pressure 2016!