It’s the time of year when we love to celebrate all that’s horrid and gruesome; from blood and gore, to witchcraft, ghosts and devils we all revel in the raucous festivities on 31 October.

And how about the famous Halloween symbol, in the modest form of a pumpkin. The practise of carving, also known as jack-o’-lanterns, was once believed to protect homes against spirits and was mostly done on turnips until the American’s popularised the pumpkin to mark the harvest season. Now, every October the orange squash inundates supermarket shelves and the creative carvings appear in porches and on doorsteps.

Here, at Triggerfish headquarters we appreciate this spooky autumnal vegetable, which is why we have created #PimpMyPumpkin.

For those who dare to join us, it is up to you to spook the ghastly team @TriggerfishPR. Tweet your creation and  holler at your followers to spread your snap. He who shouts the loudest will avoid the Triggerfish trap.

The winner will be announced on the afternoon of Tuesday 4 November and will gain their coffin height in beer.

So sharpen your knives, hatch your design and get carving!

pumpkin 2 pumpkin 3