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Fuerzabruta  returned to the Roundhouse due to popular demand after its original debut in 2006, and we were invited to a viewing last night. The exclusive evening was co-hosted by our great friends Jack and Jess from the venue and London catering company, Zafferano who showcased their 2014 menu offering.

The audience gathered in the Roundhouse’s main space with a stage rigged across the ceiling, eagerly anticipating the totally immersive and unpredictable Argentinian experience that was to follow.

The performance can be interpreted in many different ways but essentially is the collision of worlds, good and bad, life and death. Without giving too much away, one of the scenes showed the struggle of a man on a running machine fighting against the elements and the living.  A tank suspended from the ceiling saw the courageous cast throwing themselves across the water-filled arena which stretched the length of the ceiling. At one point they were quite literally a finger touch away as the water filled stages were dropped to head height.

The vibe was electric, the audience were totally engulfed by the uncertainty of the experience, the actors showed total commitment to each scene and even the crew and staff were enchanted by the music, lighting and atmosphere.

The hospitality and VIP service was exceptional with friendly staff assisting the guests throughout the evening. Zafferano’s sneak-preview of their 2014 menu was executed with delicacy and precision. Each dish looked intriguingly irresistible with vibrant colours, combined with exciting and well-balanced flavours; we especially loved the Steak Tartare.

The show was undeniably the most bizarre experience in terms of a theatre/circus performance and an absolutely brilliant example of the versatility of the Roundhouse. Fuerzabruta is highly-recommended as a must see for February.