I listened to a fascinating programme on Radio 4 the other night. Titled ‘Creative Destruction’, the show explored how traditional companies, many of whom had been in the UK for years, had closed their doors as they are no longer able to compete with younger companies.   

The simple economics of ‘supply and demand’ spring to mind, as does the principle ‘give the clients what they want and not what you think they want’. Today’s businesses are moving at such an unprecedented pace that if your finger isn’t on the pulse, then you sure as hell will be searching for one as a lifeline.

The bare fact is that you, like I, are getting older and it is time to maximize tomorrow’s talent and trust that they are the future of your business. I’ve said this a couple of times to industry colleagues who have been quite unimpressed at the ‘old age’ comment! When I pointed out that the people they were pitching to were probably 20-something millennials, they agreed and came round to my shocking 40-something acknowledgement.

There have been three occasions when peers have consented to the fact that their ‘tried and trusted instinct and long-standing knowledge’ was no longer sufficient for today’s commercial landscape. Instead they opted to see what tomorrow’s decision makers want; the feedback was poles apart from their expectations! However, they put the findings into practice and have created new ways of doing things and new revenue streams: creative destruction in practice.

We are all getting older and need to ‘get over it’ and relish the opportunities that now lie in the future talent. Innit.