There have been rumours going around for the last few weeks on the internet that Facebook has posted all private messages prior to 2009 on users’ walls.

This caused some consternation in the Triggerfish office – not because we’d all sent outrageous messages to various contacts in our younger years – but the realisation suddenly hit us that once something has been put into the public domain, it really is trapped, somewhere in cyber space, forever.

Social media is a powerful medium for communication in both a professional and personal capacity. Once you join the workforce, the two can blur: our Twitter followers are a mix of University friends and professional acquaintances, and suddenly the obligatory Facebook profile picture in fancy dress with a glass of wine in hand isn’t such a wise idea any more (or does that depend on the industry you work in – would that be more acceptable as a PR professional?!) I’ve also realised, since writing this, that my Facebook profile picture does exactly that!

A recent survey by The Social Habit revealed that 60% of your average Americans roll out of bed and check Facebook straight away. Imagine if all your personal messages were suddenly visible for those users to see first thing in the morning…scary prospect!