Latest Work

  • Center Parcs


    We conduct regular surveys with Center Parcs’ corporate clients to gather data we can use to create newsworthy stories that highlight thought leadership. We highlight the… Read more

  • Somerset House


    We’ve targeted key decision makers and influencers in the events industry with compelling stories that have been created to drive enquiry levels. Our narrowcast approach… Read more

  • Tanner & Co


    We worked with the Camm and Hooper team for the six months prior to the launch, looking for high-profile opportunities to showcase the new opening.… Read more

  • We worked with Robinson College for several months in the run up to Clic+ helping with idea generation for the name, structure and… Read more


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What’s Hot and Not


Our very own Andrew White is training for the Marathon Des Sables. This is not just a marathon, it’s an extraordinary race, the toughest on Earth, it’s back to back marathons across the world’s most inhospitable environment, the Sahara desert. Andrew will run 250 km in just six days across endless dunes and white-hot salt plains carrying all his own food and equipment, rations and water. Follow Andrews adventure and help him raise funds for Well Child!


Playing catch up, YouTube has launched mobile live streaming to every creator with more than 10,000 subscribers. Following Facebook and Instagram who both have similar features, YouTube has directly built live streaming into their mobile app allowing users to share more intimate and spontaneous moments.


Following on from last month’s food trends, it’s all about good gut health. The gut microbiome, the diverse community of bacteria that inhabits our intestines, is a hot topic in science right now and is infiltrating London’s café scene. Brunchers are swapping their coffee for probiotics, good bacteria shakes and fermented drinks all in the aid of boosting immune systems, moods and weight.

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